DDK9 German WX RTTY (10101kHz)

The German Weather Service transmits weather and navigation information and warnings for ships around Europe via RTTY 24 hours a day 7 days a week on centre frequency of 10100.8 kHz with a spacing of 450 Hz radio teletype. Thus the transmitted tones are on carrier frequencies of 10100.575 and 10101.025 kHz.

The callsign for this frequency is DDK9 and the transmitting antenna is located at Pinneberg northern Germany. The transmitter power is 15kW 10kW and with an efficiency of around 70% radiates therefore ERP of around 7kW from a quarter wave ground plane located on a field at ground level with a copper network wire for the earth network.

This station deserves a mention here at 30CW.Net because of its continuous presence as a Primary user on 30m which must not be interfered with. It is the only Primary Fixed Service station on 30m that transmits all year round continuously. It therefore also serves as a very useful "beacon" for determining propagation conditions to Europe from overseas, or to Northern Germany from within Europe.

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