DL4YHF (30CW94)

DL4YHF, Wolf in northwest germany, QTH Spenge near Bielefeld.
Locator JO42FD (if you're also in the VHF business - I like CW on 2 meters, too).

Mostly QRV from the club station DF0WD which is only a few kilometers from here, but on a hilltop, much better takeoff, and far less QRM than at the home QTH.

Hope to see you there !
Club station details : http://www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/df0wd.html

Rig for 30 meter operation at the club: Stoneage IC706 (first model), ancient symmetric antenna couper by "Annecke", symmetric 450 Ohm feeder line up the VHF mast, antenna 2 * 15 meters in an inverted V configuration (feedpoint about 17 meters above ground, endpoints somewhere below 10 meters).

My website, dedicated to amateur radio, QRP, and a few electronic homebrew projects:

73 / 72 and hope to see you !

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