EI3KF (30CW90)

Op: Andy
Licenced since around 1989 in G land as G7ITH ( years may be fuzzy ) After a few attempts I managed to pass the 12WPM Morse test a few years later and took the call G0SOP and packed the key away to focus on working 10MSSB.

Was introduced to FISTS (8988) by Peter G4LHI who encouraged me by joining his weekly slow morse lessons on 2M allowing me the confidence to get onto HF and work CW where towards the end of my time in G land I was working CW on HF/M telling Ops to standby as I was on a round-about lol.

Moved to PA in 2005 licenced as PA1SOP
Moved to EI in 2011 licenced as EI3KF

Simple shack setup at the moment - old TS430S that I picked up in PA to a inverted dipole fed by 450ohm feeder - running about 10/15W

I'm more listening at the moment, just need to find the courage to reply to a CW call again.

Thanks for reading.

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