F5VJC (30CW104)

The current station F5VJC 90% CW. Current keys, Iambic- Shurr Profi, Bencher BY2, Straight- Junker, Bug-Begali Intrepid, Cootie-Torsion bar.

September 2013 marked 50 years as licensed Radio amateur. Still fascinated by HF propagation!

Boy SWL, learned Morse code before I knew Amateur Radio even existed, usual route followed. Crystal sets, many regen receivers, SW broacast RX, Gov surplus RX, homebrew TX etc.

First licensed as G3SKN Sept 1963, Morse tested at Cullercoates Radio Station, very strict examiner!

First rigs all homebrew, pocket money equipment, Xtal control then VFO, Wow!

First real multiband Rig was a Heathkit HW101 built from the kit of course, followed by Yaesu, Kenwood, TenTec.

Year 2000 was the discovery of Elecraft for me and the build of K2, # 1188 Wow time with QRP!

Five years in the Shetland Islands active as GM3SKN, lovely quiet RF environment.

Year 2003, F5VJC now permanent QTH in NW France using the Elecraft K-Line.

K3, P3, KPA500, KAT500, KX3. Still love my old K2 though!

Interfaced with Win4K3, LP-Pan+NaP3 for Spectrum display, CW Skimmer, Log4OM and N1MM for logging, PST Rotor control. All superb software.

Antennas 5 Band HD Spiderbeam, Vertical for 40/80M/160M, Inverted V Dipoles.

Latest addition LP-700 Digital Station Monitor from N8LP

Skype me, filters250hz

Email ten.lrra|cjv5f#ten.lrra|cjv5f

UFT 1149, FISTS 2817, SKCC 1913, NAQCC 3161, A1CLUB事務局 #3225​

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