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Yes thanks for the QSO Will ,, have been experimenting with QRPP this past month and got some surprisingly good results with very low power.. down to 0.1 watt for my QSO with DL0TUH and a 0.5 watt QSO's with HA2PP.

best wishes

John M6KET

Re: Opportunities on 30M by M6KETM6KET, 23 Feb 2024 16:56

Hi John, was good to catch you this morning on 30m running 5 watts. I have been experimenting with the lower bands and proved that 30m is my most useful band. Was glad to match your 5 watts after initially running 100w.

Will de mi0wwb

Well done Will - great achievement.

I had a lot of fun with 0.1 watt on 30m through January (Wythall Radio Club QRP month) and outside of Europe did work V31XX (Belize) and possibly C6AAE (Bahamas) on 5 watts, I say possibly because EC6AAE is also active but I did listen very carefully!

I hear far more activity on the Dutch SDR station at Maasbree on 30m than I do here!

I keep listening.. calling ..and persevering…..

Re: Propagation to VKland by M6KETM6KET, 09 Feb 2024 11:42

On 12 November last I worked VK2BJ on 10.11380 and managed to log a QSO. With weak signals you're never really sure your contact was successful. But pleased to say that it's been confirmed via LoTW. A happy operator!

Will de mi0wwb

Propagation to VKland by MI0WWB (30CW367)MI0WWB (30CW367), 08 Feb 2024 15:57

Thanks to Max at Club station DL0TUH for my 0.1 watt QSO today on 10.123.

The QRPP quest continues for another week then back to QRO 5 watts!!


John M6KET

Re: Opportunities on 30M by M6KETM6KET, 22 Jan 2024 18:09

QRPP month at Wythall Radio Club continues!

Thanks to Zoltan HA2PP for decoding my half- a- watt CW just now on 10.113

R329 S559 and a very patient operator!

Also 1 watt QSO' have been quite productive over the last week.

John M6KET (90' bent doublet.. K2)

Re: Opportunities on 30M by M6KETM6KET, 14 Jan 2024 17:34

Band continues to confuse and surprise. Spots all over Europe using *1 watt but no replies today- then worked C6AAE (Bahamas) at 16.45 on 10116 still on 1 watt. Always worth a try then and you never know- great potential for QRPP operation.

  • Wythall Radio Club having a QRP month to see what can be worked
Re: Opportunities on 30M by M6KETM6KET, 05 Jan 2024 17:02

Look out for you Warren then!

After the frantic weekend's CQ WW contest elsewhere, 30m is a haven of peace and tranquillity with some real QSO exchanges going on!!


John M6KET

Re: Opportunities on 30M by M6KETM6KET, 27 Nov 2023 11:55

Thank you for the post. Recently I had forgotten about operating on 30, especially since I've been working more on using CW on other bands such as 40. I needed the reminder of how fun 30 can be; therefore you will see me there a lot more often than I used to. Hope to work all of you there soon!

Warren, WQ1C
30CW #376
Kempner, Texas USA

Re: Opportunities on 30M by WQ1CWQ1C, 25 Nov 2023 03:40

Good job, nice to work Iceland. I get spotted by two stations in Iceland almost every day, but have only worked Iceland on a couple of occasions on this band.

Will de mi0wwb

Nice to work TF3EO yesterday at 17.07 on lower portion of the band : S 559 R 539. 10.106

Just listening rather than calling does provide sometimes.

K2 5 watts and the bent doublet 90' long


Re: Nice to work VK on 30M by M6KETM6KET, 19 Nov 2023 09:41

Yes Wednesday I think it was digital noise right down into the band ..
Thanks for the info on the VK QSO really good to see the context of this and …

for the first time for a long time heard a W station on the band N2KW working GM3WUX at 09.35 one morning.



Re: More data users on 10.126 by M6KETM6KET, 17 Nov 2023 12:04

On working a station in Milan on 10.126 I was overrun by FT8/4 operation, which was quite annoying, however I found that you could easily decipher between data noise and CW. CW rules!

Will de mi0wwb

I was calling on 10.126 when I noticed VK2BJ on 10.114, he was calling so I answered him and he came straight back, at 19:24z. We have since emailed each other and he said he would confirmed via LoTW, although our emails have already served that purpose.

I have never worked outside of Europe either, but I have been spotted in Honk Kong and the eastern USA. Still waiting to work USA on 30M.

Will de mi0wwb

That's a fantastic result Will - many congratulations.. did he answer your call or vice versa and what time of day was it?

(At the moment I don't hear outside of Europe)

best wishes

John M6KET

Re: Nice to work VK on 30M by M6KETM6KET, 13 Nov 2023 17:50

Am still in a state of shock, worked VK2BJ in NSW, signal was very faint, I gave 539, but the strength sounded more like a 2. I received 549, I was running 100w to a fan dipole that is not up very high, perhaps 5 to 6 metres at most. It's nice to work VK from a wire, rather than a beam!

Will de mi0wwb

Re: FT4/8 Data
M6KETM6KET 05 Nov 2023 19:06
in discussion Community / 30m Intruder Watch » FT4/8 Data

Yes .. noticed this yesterday .. not in great numbers but down to 10.128.

Just had a short session using my 2E0XET call sign and the full 50 watts .. some strong RBN reports and just worked G3MCK/LZ1DSZ/IZ7GEG/EA3PP with reasonable RST's

Might try some more QRO next week!


Re: FT4/8 Data by M6KETM6KET, 05 Nov 2023 19:06

Just noticed today that FT8/4 users are now coming below 10.130, I have not noticed this before.

Will de mi0wwb

FT4/8 Data by MI0WWB (30CW367)MI0WWB (30CW367), 03 Nov 2023 15:53
30m Fun!
MI0WWB (30CW367)MI0WWB (30CW367) 19 Oct 2023 21:27
in discussion Community / 30m Propagation » 30m Fun!

This evening on 10.1265 I had a great QSO with Simon G0FOZ, we started off running 5 watts and then reduced power in increments down to just 1 watt. On one watt my report was 419. Even with a little QSB everything was readable. Much better than a rubber stamp QSO!

Will de mi0wwb

30m Fun! by MI0WWB (30CW367)MI0WWB (30CW367), 19 Oct 2023 21:27

I wasn’t on air at this time, but if it was the same as yesterday, then I understand it was a RTTY transmission. Not in the spirit of amateur radio, right on the QRP portion of the band.

Will de mi0wwb

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