G0LLX (30CW268)

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My name is Andy.

I live in Lancashire in the UK and I am retired, so I have plenty of time for Ham radio and my other interests.

For Ham radio, my only area of interest is HF CW and I'm happy with either a straight key or a twin paddle key.

I trained at a Nautical College to get my Marine Radiotelecommunications General Certificate (MRGC).

I spent 18 Months working as a Radio Officer at Portishead Radio (GKA) station in Somerset, UK.
I spent 6 Years working as a Radio Officer at sea on oil tankers and bulk carriers, seeing much of the world in the process.

I got my full Ham Radio Operators license in 1989.

I have more information on my QRZ.com page.

Thanks for looking .. I hope to work you on the 30m band soon :)

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