G0PNM (30CW201)

Hi all,
Thank for reading my page.
I have been a CW op since getting my licence back in 2001. This is my main mode of operating on the HF bands. I rarely have a mic plugged in on my radio.
30m is a very underestimated band and I do enjoy popping on, especially when there are contests on, preventing any real use of the non WARC bands, which does make me cross. It seems as though there is a contest on every weekend, making 40/20 unusable for the rag-chewer like me.
in my spare time I use my laser cutter to make CW covers for Begali Keys (plus others) and I am an official Begali partner. I also make LED edge lit shack signs. Have a look at my site www.g0pnm.uk
In the shack I have an FTDX10 and a range of Begali keys.
I hope to work you soon!

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