G3XVL (30CW37)

Licenced in September 1968 but interested in Radio when still at School.
My first CW QSO was when I was about 14 years old. It was with G4FN who lived about 2 miles away from my home at the time in Southend-on Sea, Essex. I wasnt licenced at the time but borrowed a lapsed or un allocated callsign out of the callbook. The equipment consisted of a R107 ex -Army RX and the transmitter if you can call it a transmitter was a valve broadcast radio with several turns of wire wrapped around it to couple the local oscillator into my long wire aerial. I had an ATU in line together with a straight key to key the aerial. I had a shock when he came back to my call ! I dont think I completed the QSO due to the shock of him coming back to my call! Later on I tried some amplitude modulation and put a carbon microphone in series with the aerial but the level was extremely low!

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