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Join us in keeping CW alive and well on the 30m band

The 30m CW interest group encourages CW activity on 30m to ensure we do not lose this very special prime CW band to other modes, nor to other primary services. The best way to do this is to be active on 30m as much as possible.

30CW.net membership is open to CW operators who use or wish to use the 30m radio amateur band using CW for "non-5NN" activities and who support the specified aims below:

  • Promoting human CW QSO activity
  • Giving meaningful true signal reports
  • Encouraging newcomers to CW and 30m
  • Retaining bottom 30kHz exclusive for CW
  • Defending the traditional CW operating codes

If you agree with the above aims, please FIRST register using your CALLSIGN as your name at http://www.wikidot.com and after that you can join this site via the button below (only visible before joining and logging in), remember, take care to register at Wikidot first with username of your CALLSIGN otherwise you'll need to go and change your "screen name" in settings to your CALLSIGN.

The automatic Japanese translation is not suitable, it needs many corrections:


30m cw interest groupは30mでのCW活動を推奨し、30mバンドの他のモード、他の主要な通信同様、CWバンドを保持して行きたいと考えています。
そのためには、できるだけ30m CWのアクティビティを上げることです。


*30mで人と人の心がかよったCW QSOの推進
*CW オペレーター間の友情の推進




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