M6KET (30CW330)

Hello just joined but don't understand a lot of the Jargon for the pages so bear with me!!

Licensed in 2013 as M6KET and although have a 2E0XET call do not use it much.

Mostly QRP operation and 99.9% CW through the HF bands.

Have a K2 (preferred) and a KX3 to a bent 90' doublet which seems to work quite well.

Trying to persist with a straight key at the moment (Hi-Mound HK 708) but also use a Begali paddle . Also have a G0NVT telegraph key.

The K2 much quieter on 30m for some reason but struggle to hear regular activity on the Band.

Happy for anyone to contact me .. see QRZ.com page for details.

best wishes

John M6KET

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