30m CW Nets


  • (0910-0930) UTC 10121 kHz Region 3 Side Swiper Net after start at 0900Z on 14055, moves to 30m around 10121 kHz.


  • (1210-1230) UTC 10149 kHz All Asia CW Net (after 14349 at 1200 UTC and before 7051.2 at 1230 UTC)

Thursday USA / Friday UTC

  • US EST period (NOV-MAR): 8:00 PM / Fri, 0100 UTC 10121.5 kHz, NCS: W1SFR (30CW148), WA4FAT, KA5TJS (30CW82), AA7FV (30CW26).

If you are aware of any other CW Nets on 30m please contact us or better still, edit this page yourself. A history is always preserved so we can fix anything that doesn't look right later.

Start a CW NET

If you have an idea for a CW NET on 30m, why not put it into practice? 30CW can give you plenty of advice as we have experienced former professional and current amateur radio net operators.

See this forum post.

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