Licensed since 1974 as PA0ERA, PA5EA 1998-2003 and finally obtained PF5X in August 2003. Was 9V1CW from 2004 to 2006. Did various simple DXpeditions: C3, TK, GJ, GU, 5B4, J7, VP2M, HI. Was operator of N9NS/KH5K (1993) and XR0Y (1995).
DX, 6m, contesting and CW are my main interests. Currently also started to activate some nature reserves in the PA-FF program as PF5X/P.

30m has been my favorite band due to its CW nature.

Station description:
Elecraft K3
SPE Expert 1K-FA linear
vertical right next to the lake which is in front of the house => free take-off from East to West over North.
2 ele tribander Mosley mini beam with extra element for 17/12m @ 12m
Begali Signature paddle
microKeyer II interface

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