Licensed since 1974 as PA0ERA, PA5EA 1998-2003 and finally obtained PF5X in August 2003. I was active as 9V1CW from 2004 to 2006. I did various simple DXpeditions: C31NN, TK/, GJ/, GU/, 5B4/, 8P9DS, J75EA, VP2MEA, HI3/, CT7/, CT9/, EA8/. Was operator of N9NS/KH5K (1993) and XR0Y (1995).
DX, 6m, contesting and CW are my main interests. I am also active in WWFF program and activated quite a few nature reserves in PA, DL and CT.

30m has been my favorite band due to its CW nature and propagations seems to be interesting regardless of what period we are in the solar cycle.

Station description:
Elecraft K3, ICOM IC-7100 & IC-7300
SPE Expert 1.3K-FA linear
30/40m vertical right next to the lake which is in front of the house => free take-off from East to West over North.
2 ele tribander Mosley mini beam with extra element for 17/12m @ 12m
Begali Signature paddle, Bencher paddle, Palm Radio Nano paddle
microKeyer II interface

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