QRS Activity

QRS means: Send more slowly (… words per minute).

It is not necessary to get on the air only after mastering CW at higher speeds.

Slow speed activity is often to be found around centers of activity such as 14055 kHz, 21055 kHz, 28055 kHz, on other bands, but what about 30m?

Generally slower CW is to be found in the "friendship" area of the top 5 kHz of the CW exclusive band, that is, 10126 (Also a QRP Low Power centre of activity), and higher up to 10130 kHz.

FISTS and SKCC clubs which advocate mechanical keying are to be found around 10118 and 10120 kHz, and High Speed Club around 10125 kHz.

Sideswipers have a Centre of Activity (CoA) around 10121.5 kHz, and bugs around 10123 kHz.

It is important to keep in mind that these aren't "reserved" nor do you have to use a certain method of keying only. Bug and other mechanical keys happily converse with electronic keys.

If you want a quieter less rushed place for slower CW, generally the top ends of the CW exclusive bands are "watering holes" for a range of friendly activities.

QRS Week

EuCW promotes the QRS Week in the first 5 days Monday through Friday in the week after the 4th Sunday of April each year as follows:


10125 kHz +/- 10kHz CQ QRS

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