QTT - Quality True Telegraphy - Quality Telegraphy Time

QTT is an idea promoting the use of non-5NN QSO with exchange of honest reports and additional information. Using human CW rather than digital (Computer) CW. This activity is especially encouraged on the top 5kHz of the CW exclusive sub-bands.

To encourage QSO between CW Operators and to spread out band usage more evenly, QTT activity may also take place as follows:

  • From the top end of the CW band, e.g. 28070, 24920, 21070, 18100, 14070, 10130, 7030, 3560 and tune around within 5kHz from the top and look to answer any CQ (or QTT) calls
  • If no CQ are heard, start at the first free frequency from the top and call CQ (or QTT).
  • To spread out signals and not disadvantage QRP and suffer zero beat QRM, add .x to your frequency, based on the digit in your callsign, eg. G4OJW tunes 18100 to 18095 there's no CQ and 18099.4 is free, calls CQ on 18099.4 otherwise 18098.4 or 18097.4 etc. Remember 3 or 4 CW QSO can easily fit into 1kHz of bandwidth.
  • If you want to increase chances of contacts and are operational on numerous bands, you can use the "ALG Clock" to determine which band to use during which part of any hour.
  • There are NO RULES. These are only ideas for guidelines to help you find other QTT, all that matters is going on air when it suits you and having QSO not just an exchange of meaningless numbers no matter at what time and frequency you wish to do so.

The reason we suggesting using the TOP END of the bands is because there are serious plans underway to take these away on several bands and hand them to robot-to-robot modes. By using these frequencies with more and longer activities such as QSO we preserve our CW-only bands.

QTT is not a contest but simply any "non-5NN-TU" activity. Contests and "DXped" emphasise rapid communications whereas QTT emphases longer contacts and the exchange of at least an honest signal report (even using the newer RSN system, QTH, name, and ideally information on Power and Antenna in the next over in order to gauge propagation and aid experimentation.

The QTT Q code means "the identification which follows is superimposed upon the existing transmmission" and thus can also be used as a prefix to give your CW Club(s) and membership numbers, and/or any former professional service or amateur service callsigns used or held. This serves to promote CW club memberships and friendships among amateurs.

QTT is also held to mean "Quality Telegraphy Time" as in an enjoyable CW QSO without a simple and meaningless "5NN TU", as well as a Quality True Telegraphist.

More information about the original idea of the amateur radio QTT can be found at VKCW website here.


Campaign Inspired and Created by OT Jean 5T0JL (SK) and Companions

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