TOP 5 frequencies are:

  • 3570->3566
  • 7040->7036
  • 10130->10126
  • 14070->14066
  • 18095->18091
  • 21070->21066
  • 24915->24911
  • 28070->28066

These are the TOP 5 kHz of each exclusive CW band section.

Note in the above table they are presented from the highest to the lowest of each TOP 5 because we are encouraged to start tuning from the highest to the lowest when looking for CQ calls or finding a clear frequency, so as to suitably occupy the top end of the band, with most 5NN-TU operations taking the opposite approach: working from the bottom end up.

This also puts us at an advantage since most amateur radio stations will have antennas that are more resonant and thus more efficient at the top end resulting in better SNR in QSO.

The TOP 5 are used especially for QTT activities and by all QTT CW Operators.

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