WB1AJX Howard in Rhode Island

I am a retired IP test systems engineer, having worked at International Data Sciences in RI, Agilent Technologies, Ixia, and Keysight Technologies. I have always preferred to operate manually keyed CW and am active in SKCC with member number 12872S. I enjoy operating on 30M particularly when other bands are cluttered with contest activity. I operate a KX3 with a KXPA100 amp into an 80M doublet fed with 450 window line and Balun Designs 4:1 current BALUN in the shack.

I also enjoy boating on Narragansett Bay and nearby waters on our Nordic Tug 37. I bring the KX3 on board and feed a KX3Helper.com 40M-6M end fed antenna held vertically with a Jackite 31 foot expanding fiberglass pole. I connect a ground to the rudder post to use the ocean as a ground plane.

Howard WB1AJX
Warwick, RI

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