WB5AKU (30CW184) SAM

I have been licensed as WB5AKU since 1969
and was active in the Navy MARS program as N0STD,
and later in the Army MARS program as AAV6QC.
I have always enjoyed CW and RTTY.

I lived in England from 1975 to 1980
where I operated as G5BOQ,
and also Holland operating as PA9AUZ.

My rig includes
TS-590S, MFJ-962C ATU
TS-520, VFO-520
MFJ-9200 QRP Transceiver
AN/GRR-5 US Army receiver

—a Marconi doublet fed with 300 ohm twinlead and

—a homebrew coaxial vertical dipole, 25 feet long,
built of 2" aluminum tubing.
the feedline is RG8 going up through
the center of the bottom half of the dipole.

I have several keys
A Vibroplex Champion, J-38, a US Navy flameproof,
and a British clandestine key marked 1940

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