First licensed in 1967 as WN8YXH

Am an Orthodox Priest with ROCOR

Retired US Navy; served as a Hospital Corpsman, FMF, then as a Medical Service Corps Officer, FMF; before that I was an US Army Reserve Medic.

Currently using a Yaesu FT-2000D into a temp. end fed.

Interested in DX as well as CW, with phone thrown in. Please bear with me, as I am a little choppy with my CW as I get going again. I have always used a straight key, which I still use, and am learning to use a Bencher Paddle! And now I am working on Digital: PSK31…JT65… JT9…FT8, as well


SKCC #8053S; 070 #2328, LONP #397 FIST #15604; 10-10 # 14578; EPC # 16301;

JTDMC #Ø19; DMC #04944; 30MDG #8396; SOC #1252

DXCC, WAS, and Triple Play

I am a firm believer in QSL Cards and enjoy sending them and receiving them so:

Primarily == PREFER Direct and LOTW, then QRZ, EQSL (Ag) or QSL Bureau

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